Experience the future

Would you like to be immersed in the logistics of the future – to discover what the developments in our world are and how they equate to opportunities for you and the logistics industry?

Then join us for a unique experiential journey! Using visuals, customisation and digital storytelling, together we explore the trends and challenges as we reflect upon the innovations that will make our industry future-proof.



The future is challenging indeed. We're faced with an aging population and ever-shrinking available space. Acceleration is the key demand, even as our cities and roads become increasingly gridlocked. Meanwhile, emissions are causing climate extremes and our natural resources are dwindling…

Log!Ville adopts a logistics perspective when exploring these challenges – how can we anticipate the changes society will experience, what technologies and insights will help us to overcome future challenges, and what are the logistical innovations that can play a role?


Log!Ville takes you on a voyage of discovery as you explore a whole range of touchpoints with interactive innovations for the logistics of tomorrow. Using VR, we introduce you to the warehouse of the future or you can experience the lightning-fast speeds of AI in synchromodal planning.

Log!Ville gives you the knowledge you need to take the next step forward, allowing you to determine your own roadmap to a sustainable logistical future.


That dialogue will in turn serve as a source of inspiration for workshops and seminars held in our meeting centre and add to the knowledge built up by our 'founding mother', VIL.