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07/10/2021 — minutes reading time
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Fine arts contribute to innovation

The 21st century is quickly becoming characterised by a large number of dramatic developments in a wide range of fields. In the wake of the Industrial Revolution and the Information Age, our mindset has once again undergone a major shift. This century has seen the dawn of the Conceptual Age, an era where technical expertise alone will not suffice.

That's what makes it crucial for logistics operators to look to the future, identify the shifting landscape and determine the impact on their business models. LogiVille provides the perfect environment for nourishing and supporting such forecasting.

But an inspiring and innovative environment also needs an injection of creativity, which is why the present is the perfect time to cross-pollinate art, commerce and innovation.

A number of trends have created a need for new strategies in which creativity and innovation play a central role. Increased global connectivity, the growing domination of market forces, an ever-more chaotic environment, technological breakthroughs and the search for meaning are just a few of the dynamics in play.

The art world and the world of commerce often intersect in obvious ways, such as sponsorships, patrons and captains of industry building up art collections. But strategic partnerships go a step further. A partnership can result in significant gains for artists, companies and staff alike, and it is a mindset that we at LogiVille aim to support through an art cooperative.

Innovation means the successful implementation of creative concepts in a company or organisation

At LogiVille our aim is to immerse businesses in the challenges of the future: how can we identify them and how can we use market-mature innovations to challenge them?

LogiVille firmly believes that art is the ideal medium for creating a new vision so that we can adopt a fresh perspective on such issues, which is in turn a perfect stimulator for change processes. That is also why we give up-and-coming artists the opportunity to exhibit their artworks in our innovation centre.

The partnership between Log!Ville and Copper & Light also gives young artists the opportunity to build on their business and communication skills, avoiding the struggles that so often mark the start of a career in the arts and giving them visibility and sales opportunities.

So remember that, aside from our digital experience and the physical innovations of our partners, the art on show at LogiVille can be just as inspirational.

Patrick Aertsen

Managing Director, Log!Ville


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