Belgian carriers express confidence in the future of hydrogen

30/06/2022 — minutes reading time
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During the recent Transport & Logistics Awards, Air Products conducted a survey among the attendees on the future of hydrogen fuel for road transportation. No less than 79 percent of respondents expressed confidence in its future use.

A total of 294 people participated in the survey, 45 percent of whom were active as carriers and 55 percent working in another area of logistics.

In response to the question 'Do you think that hydrogen is the fuel of the future for road transportation?', almost 80 percent of respondents agreed. There was a slight difference between the carriers and the respondents working in other fields, with 73 percent of the former and 85 percent of the latter agreeing. What also emerged was that the younger the respondent, the greater the confidence in hydrogen for road transport.

The 21 percent who did not agree said that they were insufficiently familiar with the fuel, that the infrastructure was not yet ready or had other reasons for their scepticism.

'It is clear that hydrogen as a fuel is a topic that interests logistics companies,' said Frank Schnitzeler, Business Development Manager Hydrogen for Mobility and Energy Transition at Air Products. 'When compared to other technologies, using hydrogen for heavy vehicles means the trucks can be refuelled faster, they have greater range and that heavier loads can be transported. It is anticipated that hydrogen fuel will help us cater to the demand for more sustainable transportation and reduced or no CO2 emissions.'

Companies like Air Products are investing heavily in new production facilities for green hydrogen and also working hard on creating a refuelling infrastructure in Europe. 'Our technology is already being used in over 250 projects across the world,' Schnitzeler said.

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