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25/01/2023 — minutes reading time
About Log!Ville
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A company visiting Log!Ville often not only wants to discover the logistics of the near and far future, but often also seeks answers to specific questions. Did you know that a tour can be fully catered to your company's wishes and needs? certainly inform our innovation ambassadors when you are booking your visit.

"Innovation is no fashion trend, but a crucial node in the strategy of companies whom seek to distinguish themselves within a strong competitive market. It is important for them to know what innovative logistic solutions exist which are market mature, but yet to become mainstream and to gain insights about the long-term developments. In Log!Ville you can experience what the Logistic future holds, and gain inspiration to map your policy in a more targeted fashion", says Patrick Aertsen, managing director of Log!Ville.

"As an entrepreneur, you want to discover solutions that you can immediately deploy in your daily operations and also know what evolutions society will or may have in the logistics field. Our logistics experts convey these insights in the Physical demonstration centre and in the Digital experience centre, but not all companies have the same needs. That is why a guided tour is not only interactive but also usually tailor-made," he adds.


That way one can combine a tour with a brainstorm for its team, an event for its customers, a meeting with other companies with similar questions, or even a meeting with technology providers to initiate co-creation. With its state-of-the-art meeting facilities, Log!Ville is a perfect venue for thinking about logistics innovations that can future-proof your business.

Log!Ville can be visited upon reservation. This allows us to discuss in advance to tailor the tour most profitable to your company's needs and requirements. Use this link to request your visit.

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