Deloitte: Improving the resilience of the delivery network

28/06/2022 — minutes reading time
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The modern global economy has prioritized efficiency and profitability over resilience and sustainability. In a post-Covid era marked by supply shortages and focused on mitigating Climate Change, full supply network transparency is essential.

The supply chain of today

Today, organizations rely heavily on complex supply networks because intricate, multi-tiered supply networks can help mitigate risk and deliver great cost-efficiencies, but at the cost of opacity, lack of compliance and hidden weaknesses or dependencies. These networks are becoming increasingly dis-aggregated and specialized due to the effects of globalization and increasing technological complexity.

Next to that, conventional approaches favor predefined, just-in-time supply chains with excessive focus on speed and cost-efficiency which means that any supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link(s), which can be hidden in plain sight!

Lastly, most significant risks of disruption lurk beneath Tier 1 suppliers. As proven time over in the past years, any local event at Tier 4 can easily snowball into a massive disruption that paralyses the whole supplier network. Approximately 25 percent of the supply side disruptions occur at Tier 2+, which makes it critical to understand and illuminate risks well in advance, providing enough decision space for mitigation actions. However, most organizations only deal with direct tier 1 suppliers and have limited multi-tier supply network visibility.

The supply chain network of tomorrow, completely transparent

Deloitte Illuminate grants greater visibility into complex multi-tier supply networks (up to 12 Tiers deep if required) and the assessment of risks within that network with the use of Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing and without the need for time-consuming manual interactions with suppliers.

It’s is a business service enabled by a proprietary technology platform using 4 key elements:

Technologies – Augmented intelligence and other technologies to support analysts in end-to-end Supply Illumination processes.

Methodologies – End-to-end methodologies that trained analysts use while reviewing the AI and datasets to deliver targeted insights to clients.

Publicly Available Data Sources – Surface web and deep web data sources that are used in conjunction with augmented intelligence technologies to understand Supply networks.

“Human in the Loop” – Analysts who leverage machine learning tools and technologies and follow the developed processes to forensically understand supply network exposures and opportunities.

The Deloitte Illuminate platform allows organizations to mitigate the risk of disruption through automated insights and leverage opportunities beyond resilience.

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