A European first at Log!Ville: a live demo installation of the Haipick robots

26/01/2022 — minutes reading time

The Log!Ville demonstration centre has gained yet another innovative logistical solution in the form of Savoye's Haipick. The Haipick is an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) that collects trays and boxes that are then taken to a goods-to-person picking station. The demo installation marks a first in Europe, and Log!Ville is the only location on the continent where one can see it in action.

The Haipick is the result of a joint venture between Savoye and Chinese robot manufacturer HAI Robotics. The brand-new solution combines robots that place or remove boxes or trays from 5 to 7-meter racks with Savoye's own systems, such as the X-PTS pick stations and WMS software.

According to Savoye it is incredibly quick to install a Haipick system, and that was all too evident at Log!Ville, where the demo installation was up and running within less than a week. The demo consists of two 4.2-meter-high racks, a robot and a picking station – not full-scale, but large enough to demonstrate how it works and the benefits it offers.

The Haipick solution is intended for medium-sized and large companies with slow and mid-paced picking operations involving average to large numbers of SKUs. In other words, this is the market segment between manual picking and shuttle systems. One of the biggest advantages is that the system is scalable and can grow as the company grows.

The demo installation can now be viewed live in the demonstration centre by visitors to Log!Ville.