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Future-Proof Warehousing tool gives you the very best technology options in the blink of an eye

15/12/2021 — minutes reading time
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Distribution centres and warehouses play a major role in optimising supply chains, which is why it is so crucial to make them future-proof. Upgrades mean that logistics providers, manufacturers and retailers are faced with difficult choices, especially when it comes to new and often disruptive technologies such as autonomous mobile robots, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, augmented reality, and many others. What concepts, technologies and systems are available for the warehouse of the future, and how can one realistically digitise and automate a business in order to remain competitive?

In order to support businesses in making these decisions, VIL has created the Future-Proof Warehousing tool, working together with ten other companies (Atlas Copco, Barry Callebaut, Danone, Proximus, Reynaers Aluminium, Ridix, Terumo, Unilin, Globis and WFS), and contracting Logflow to create the architecture. The result is a smart and user-friendly tool that allows a company to get a grasp of existing and cutting-edge technologies that are suitable for their specific operations.

The Future-Proof Warehousing tool is incredibly easy to use – just input a number of parameters and you will receive a completely neutral and objective selection of one to three technologies that fulfil your requirements.

Participants in the VIL project tested the tool in their own environments, and they all responded very enthusiastically. For example, David Vanhuysse, EDC Manager Warehousing/Transportation at Terumo Europe, recounted how he was looking for a way to raise picking efficiency and improve ergonomics at the company's European distribution centre. 'The Future-Proof Warehousing tool immediately presented us with two possible relevant technologies. Meanwhile, the technology tab in the tool makes it very easy to compare different technologies, allowing us to reach well-considered decisions that perfectly suit our requirements.'

The tool has been available to companies since mid-2021. VIL hosts a dedicated workshop to train companies so that they can immediately start using it. To book a session, contact luc.pleysier@vil.be .

If you'd like to know more about how the model was created and discover how the tool works through three practical case studies, then view the project report. VIL members can download it free of charge from the Knowledge Library, while non-members can buy it from the VIL online store.