Towards the logistics of tomorrow: an interview with Patrick Aertsen, Managing Director of Log!Ville

23/09/2021 — minutes reading time
Patrick Aertsen

"In reality, Log!Ville is the Living Tomorrow of the logistics world."

“Log!Ville is an environment where companies can put their logistical operations to the test and where they can find solutions. Change always starts off with a question.”

“Log!Ville seeks to commercialise that knowledge by triggering businesses to embrace innovations for the purpose of adding value to a company. This is where they can discover and try out the latest technologies, from the big players and start-ups and scale-ups alike.”

These are just a few of the inspirational messages delivered by Patrick Aertsen, Managing Director of Log!Ville, about the landmark innovation centre for the logistics ecosystem in Niel.

If you'd like to know more about the mission and vision of Log!Ville and why Patrick is the perfect person for helming the centre, then be sure to read the full interview by Philippe Van Dooren for Flows, conducted in the runup to the official Log!Ville opening.

Photo: © Philippe Van Dooren