Save time with automated loading and unloading

15/09/2021 — minutes reading time
Opticharge ROI tool

Save through automation

Automation can rapidly accelerate the loading and offloading process and cut costs too. However, because it requires an investment on your part, it is crucial that you determine in advance whether automation will pay off financially.

An easy way to calculate your ROI

Thanks to the OptiCharge ROI tool, you can work out what your real return on investment will be. When you calculate the potential costs and the savings, you can see your ROI after ten years as well as the estimated breakeven point. That means your investment in automated loading/offloading will be based on fact instead of a vague guess.

Would you like to know more?

If you want to know more about how this tool can help you, please get in touch with Filip Van Hulle.


"The OptiCharge ROI tool confirmed what we thought about automated loading and gives us the insight required for future upgrades to our warehouses. Thanks to the data generated by the ROI tool, we can devise a financially-sound plan and don't have to proceed blindly."

Jan De Winter | Distribution Manager, Ontex