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12/08/2021 — minutes reading time
Sharing Logistics platform

Sharing economy applied to logistics

With the Sharing Logistics platform, VIL translated the principles of the sharing economy to the logistics sector. The result is a user-friendly platform that allows companies to use each other's underutilized assets and services by matching supply and demand.

Matching supply & demand

The Sharing Logistics platform - which is data-driven and can be integrated with the company's own ICT systems - works entirely on the basis of supply and demand. A search function within the platform and a weekly e-mail with an overview of available and desired assets and services simplify the matching of supply and demand.

Reliable & trustworthy

Within the Sharing Logistics platform, reliability is addressed at several levels: only companies can register, one can set up a group to which only 'Trusted partners' are invited, the transactions are all securely recorded, etc.

Discover the tool

With the Sharing Logistics platform, the sharing economy becomes a reality for the logistics sector.

Feel free to test it before actively starting to use it. All you need to do is click on the 'Participate' button on the Sharing Logistics platform to get you started.


Author: Brigitte Vleghels