Toyota Material Handling Europe is bringing the Logiconomi event to Niel

29/03/2022 — minutes reading time
About Log!Ville

The world of logistics is developing faster than ever before. To help logistics managers keep pace with these developments, in 2019 Toyota Material Handling created the Logiconomi programme. In late September 2022, the event will be held at Log!Ville.

During this event, companies, innovators and pioneers can share ideas, and identify trends and technologies that will impact the world of logistics in the short and long term. “This sector spans multiple channels,” says Mark Peters, Head of Marketing at TMHE. “It’s also dependent on a wide range of technologies, which are developing so quickly that no one organisation has all the answers. That’s why the Logiconomi programme is open to input from a variety of sources.”

Marc Maureaux, Strategic Marketing Manager, explains that the concept emerged four years ago within Toyota Material Handling Europe. “The first event was held in Amsterdam in 2019. It’s not a trade fair, it’s a platform where business leaders from the sector can share concepts, ideas and solutions through workshops, presentations and discussion forums. A huge variety of subjects are discussed, ranging from climate change and traceability to labour shortages and cyber security.”

Mark the 27th, 28th and 29th of September in your diary. That’s when Logiconomi 2022 will be at Log!Ville. “All partners and interested companies are welcome at this event, and we invite them to contribute with presentations and demonstrations.”