Vanas introduces innovative warehouse automation in combination with OPEX®

11/01/2022 — minutes reading time
Press Release

Vanas integrates two innovative picking and sorting solutions in the Benelux. These complementary solutions of the American company OPEX increase both employee productivity and storage capacity. Vanas has been selected by OPEX as its exclusive partner for the eCommerce market.

Vanas, widely experienced in eCommerce solutions, offers eCommerce companies in the Benelux region growth opportunities through its new partnership with the American OPEX Corporation. By combining the eCommerce solutions of both companies, larger eCommerce companies can process significantly more orders within the same space, and continue to grow with the same number of staff. The number of errors is also significantly reduced.

OPEX offers dynamic eCommerce fulfillment solutions with scalable warehouse robots (iBOTs®) that provide speed and accuracy and streamline the supply chain: from inventory storage and picking to sorting and shipping. In addition, OPEX offers micro-fulfillment technology that optimizes spaces, allowing storage capacity to be increased up to five times in the same space. These sorting solutions also improve the efficiency of the often labor-intensive return logistics.

Vanas Engineering has been a leading supplier and system integrator of intralogistics solutions in the Benelux for many years. The company strengthens its segment with a new product range of high-end picking and sorting solutions from OPEX.

The two new systems offered by Vanas as of today are:

1. Perfect Pick

A strong picking and retrieval system with picking stations

  • Up to 500 pickings per person per hour per pick station;
  • The machines are built up to 10 m high, thus utilizing the available building height;
  • The self charging iBOT system ensures that a machine never fails;
  • Three-dimensional movement that avoids a 'single point of failure';
  • Combinations with Vanas conveyor systems maximize output;
  • Up to 6 times higher production with the same number of employees

2. Sure Sort

A sorter for smaller goods

  • A compact unique vertical sorting system on a very small footprint;
  • Sorts up to 2400 packages per hour, distributed over 670 locations;
  • Up to 80% reduction in labor

Nicolas Dewit, Warehouse Automation Director of Business Development for OPEX Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA): "OPEX was looking for a strong partner in the Benelux. The people at Vanas are experts in intralogistics and warehouse logistics. They distinguish themselves by their innovative technologies that help their customers move forward. This customer-oriented approach matches ours. Together, we offer a seamless automation solution that maximizes warehouse space and manages peaks and demands, without additional labor."

Andy Van Mieghem, managing director at Vanas Engineering: "This collaboration means the solution for high-end warehouses in the Benelux. We are constantly looking for new technologies that increase performance and add value for our customers. This proven, innovative technology with I-bots with the three-dimensional movement that avoids a single point of failure, convinced us immediately. This is the key for many of our customers. In the meantime, therefore, several interested parties have already approached us."

Joint approach

Now that the collaboration is a reality, OPEX provides information and training on their warehouse automation solutions to the specialists of Vanas Engineering. With this knowledge, Vanas can determine the best overall solution for the customers in the Benelux. Experienced OPEX specialists will support Vanas locally to define for each project, the most ideal composition.

First reference in the Benelux is a fact

Meanwhile, the first OPEX installation has been installed in Antwerp. Andy Van Mieghem: "This immediately gave us confidence: the Benelux is also ready for these innovative systems."

Watch the videos of the Warehouse Solutions in action warehouseautomation.com/videos/


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Vanas Engineering has been in business since 1946 and has been a reliable partner for more than 30 years for logistics solutions such as storage systems, internal transport systems and software. With its headquarters in Melsele (Belgium) and since 2019 also an office in Waalwijk (Netherlands), Vanas is quickly becoming the market leader of intralogistics solutions in the Benelux.

For more information visit www.vanasengineering.be

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