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Flemish consortium creates a "digital co-pilot" to make every forklift a smart forklift

22/02/2023 — minutes reading time
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A consortium made up of Log!Ville Innovation Partner BlooLoc and Flemish companies XYZT.ai, Rezolv (formerly known as Customized) and GTS has recently successfully completed its Smart Forklift project. The R&D project was helmed by VIL, which also ensured that financial backing was provided by Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO).

The project saw the four companies working closely together, creating the foundations for a digital co-pilot that can turn any forklift into a smart forklift. What truly sets this co-pilot apart is the fact that it is a retrofit solution. Every forklift can be upgraded with it, instead of having to buy a new vehicle.

The four partners are:

  • BlooLoc (which develops location-based solutions),
  • XYZT.ai (timebound 3D location data analysis),
  • Rezolv (which has created an Odoo-based WMS),
  • GTS Group (transport operator and logistics service provider)

Digital co-pilot

The co-pilot that was created in the Smart Forklift project prevents vehicles from colliding and accidents involving staff. It also checks that all safety regulations, such as speed limits and one-directional traffic in a warehouse, are being observed. When that is not the case, the co-pilot intervenes in good time.

It also monitors where pallets are collected and deposited, and notifies the driver when a pallet's movements do not match the WMS order. That means that stock accuracy is guaranteed in full, without the need for barcode scanning.

The co-pilot also records all forklift movements and activities, sending this data to the cloud, where data analytics is used to identify opportunities for process improvements.

The Flemish-created digital co-pilot thus ensures that logistical processes are both safer and more efficient, making it especially useful in times when there is a shortfall of experienced operators.

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