Flanders can be a strategic partner for a mature hyperloop ecosystem

28/06/2022 — minutes reading time
VIL Knowledge foto Hyperloop

Flanders can and wants to be a strategic partner in the further roll-out of the Hyperloop network. This is the clear conclusion of the VIL-VLAIO event “Flanders as catalyst for a mature hyperloop ecosystem” in Brussels, where global Hyperloop pioneers met Flemish innovators.

The leading Hyperloop pioneers were highly interested in Flanders’ technological prowess in key domains relevant for the full deployment of a Hyperloop network. Therefore they were eager to meet Flanders’ leading innovators at the event organised by VIL - that was appointed theme manager Hyperloop by the Flemish Government - and the Flemish innovation agency VLAIO on the 30th of May.

Hyperloop is a new mode of transport for goods and passengers alike. The infrastructure consists of tubes, both above (wherever possible) as underground (where needed), that are connected in a network. This network connects International European airports and cities with separate connectors for goods and passengers. The vehicles moving in this network are dedicated cargo or passenger pods that, thanks to the vacuum environment, can move at high speeds (up to 1000 km/h).

The first effective applications will be dedicated to cargo, as freight provides the demanding environment for Hyperloop to prove its reliability, safety and operational excellence. It also has the potential to valorise the technical development soonest.

Contributing to climate goals

Innovation is an absolute must to meet the climate goals. That is why Flanders’ minister of Innovation Jo Brouns supports the initiative. In his keynote at the event, he stated that this project is a prime example of the ambition of Flanders to commit to sustainable innovation that later can be exported. He also stated that the Hyperloop concept provides a lot of opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions in logistics. “This international event clearly showed the international interest in Flanders’s technology and expertise”, he concluded.

Moving into joint development and co-creation

This event sparked a lot of interest in the sector. No less than five of the leading global Hyperloop developers from Canada, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands were present at this matchmaking event with Flemish innovators and providers of knowhow. In over 30 meetings, possible collaboration was explored with the ambition to effectively move into joint development and co-creation.

Juan Vicén Balaguer, Co-Founder of the Spanish Zeleros, was very enthusiastic. “This initiative organised by VLAIO and VIL is a unique opportunity to effectively meet Flanders’ innovators and explore those domains of collaboration that can help us move to a mature Hyperloop ecosystem much faster. Such collaboration is key to make this zero-emission transport solution a reality”, he testified.

Watch here the report by Kanaal Z about the VIL-VLAIO event. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AR_acxC93T0