About Log!Ville

About Log!Ville

Log!Ville is the landmark demo & innovation center that helps innovate the logistics ecosystem in Flanders. It was founded by VIL with the support of VLAIO and EFRO.

The focus of Log!ville is on innovative technology that is not yet mainstreamed in business, as well as on new concepts. Log!Ville is an open demonstration center, aimed primarily at logistics professionals closely involved in innovation management.

Log!Ville is a landmark building consisting of three parts: a physical demonstration zone, a virtual experience space and a high-tech meeting center for seminars and events.

In the physical demonstration area, visitors can get to know the latest technical possibilities of machines and tools that can be used in the logistics process. The virtual experience area focuses on logistics trends and introduces visitors to the logistics sector of tomorrow. Log!Ville wants to encourage knowledge sharing and innovative collaboration between startups, mature companies, and knowledge institutions through events and seminars in its meeting center.

The origins of Log!Ville

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