Founding Mother

The non-profit organisation VIL, the Flanders Institute for Logistics, was established in 2003 as a logistics knowledge centre and the organisation, which has over 600 members, has a twofold objective:

  • To promote Flanders as a top European logistics region

  • Getting Flemish companies to excel through knowledge and innovation

VIL has been recognised by the Flemish government since 2017 as the Logistics Spearhead Cluster.

The effective cluster members are logistics service providers, carriers and retailers. These parties helm VIL, and include municipalities, knowledge institutes and suppliers. The organisation's activities primarily revolve around projects with and for companies and are often performed together with knowledge institutes. The projects are backed by the Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO).

VIL focuses on four fields of innovation: digital transformation, green supply chains, hinterland connectivity and last mile delivery. A team of thirty logistics and multimodal experts is always available to assist companies.

As part of its strategy for shifting from building up knowledge to implementing it, VIL created the Log!Ville experience and demonstration centre. Log!Ville allows companies to quickly and easily discover contemporary and future industry innovations.